Reproductive Health: A Collection of Stories is comprised of anonymously submitted stories by women and non-binary or non-gender conforming folk talking about their various experiences with their reproductive health. My book gives a platform to those who haven’t had the opportunity or have felt too scared to speak up about sexual and health-related traumas they’ve experienced. I intended to use this space to inform others about what women and non-gender conforming folks with female reproductive organs go through on a daily basis and encourage anyone reading to have the confidence to speak up about their own experiences. 
This 40-page book was the product of my year-long senior thesis project at SUNY New Paltz. The style of my book was inspired by my love of collage and scrapbooking where I utilized type and image to create expressive typography throughout the book. Visually, I wanted the imagery to be just as engaging as the stories and relate specifically to each story’s content in some way.

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